EFT Karate Chop Point

The EFT “karate chop point” is the entry point for most tapping routines. In other words this area is often tapped at the beginning of any EFT session to release initial emotional tension and to clear the mind and energy for further tapping.

Find this point along the outer, meaty portion of either hand. The entire area is sensitive to tapping, and individual tappers will find the pinpoints that are most effective for them within this region.

EFT Karate Chop Point

EFT Karate Chop Point

How does this actually work? I don’t have a nuts and bolts answer for you.

But I can tell you that after doing some light exercise or meditation you can simply use two fingers to tap into this area for 60 seconds or so and you’ll quickly feel the tension and “heavy” energy leaving your awareness. Any time you are angry, sad, feeling stagnant, or in any other way upset, you can tap this area while clearing your mind or relaxing into some deep breathing.

Most EFT teachers will give you an opening affirmation to state while you tap this area at the beginning of a tapping session. You can state these affirmations aloud or say them silently; in fact you can and should experiment between stating aloud with eyes open and saying silently with eyes closed, etc.

My favorite affirmations to combine with the tapping of this area are:

I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.

Or you can get more specific and address the problem you want to relieve:

Even though I’m really angry about this traffic ticket right now, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.

In times of really intense emotion, it helps to just “vent” while you tap for one or two minutes:

Oh I am sooo pissed off right now. Those *bleeeeeep* people have no right to treat me like this!!! (while tapping away)

While this technique is often taught as the way to lead into a full tapping of multiple points, understand that you can use the karate chop point exercise as a stand-alone self therapy. It’s a great way to channel anger, depression, and other negative feelings out of your body and completely release toxicity and negativity from your awareness.

Give it a try and see for yourself.

And while few EFT teachers relay this fact, I want you to understand you can use this tapping point to ground yourself after a long meditation or to clear your energy after an intense workout as well. So don’t limit this practice only to releasing negativity; use it as a means to drive clarity and empowerment as well!

For more information (oh so much more!) on using EFT to accomplish an incredibly wide range of goals, please check out the Tapping Yourself Free e-book.

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